Relief and Rebuilding for the People of Nepal

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Update: September 2015
We are so pleased to report that ETC was able, with the generous support of so many of you, to respond quickly and effectively to many of the immediate needs of quake victims in Dolakha. Although there is much long-term work yet to be done - such as the eventual rebuilding of permanent school facilities - we are now able to resume many of our usual activities, such as agricultural training for aspiring women farmers, skills training for women's group members, etc. These activities are more important now than ever before, as village residents undertake the lengthy process of moving beyond the natural disaster and building better lives for themselves and their families. Please click here to see our latest newsletter.

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You may also choose to give to our project specifically for quake-related school repairs in our current and past project areas. Click here to support this project.

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The photos immediately below, taken by ETC's Education Director Laxmi Basukala and Documentation Officer Suresh Kumar Khadka, show the conditions in Dolakha District very soon after the quake. Please also click here to see photos of several Dolakha schools, pre- and post-quake.

  • A ruined home
  • A 75-year-old woman and her grandchildren on the day of the quake
  • The ruined home of Bimal Thami, head teacher at Balambu Lower Secondary School, Lapilang VDC
  • A family living in a makeshift shelter; most families whose homes were damaged or destroyed will not be able to rebuild until after the summer monsoon season